AI top 10 application for drawing

As we all know nowadays artificial intelligence, Machine Learning and deep learning daily introducing new mind-blowing application in the different sectors. In this article, we cover the top 10 Artificial Intelligence application for drawing,  Drawing is something by which human can show their creativity and imagination. Nowadays by using AI technology so many applications come in the market which helps us to improve our art skills and paint some fabulous painting which might impossible for the normal human.

Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Application for Drawing:-

Quick Draw:

It a Google AI Project which having the world largest doodle database. This tool asks users to draw a doodle, then the game’s AI tries to guess what you’re drawing. In another word you draw the sketch based on the model instruction and neural network and Sketch-RNN figured out what it is and give the result, Its a simplest way to play and understand the machine learning. Till now a billion people try this tool and draw their different doodle and now the doole database reaches 50 million.


In this project Once you start drawing the object. AI will come up all the possible way to continue and complete object sketch it starts sketching object based on where you left sketch, AI has already trained all the possible sketch of that particular object, so as soon you left sketch AI continue sketching and complete the object. Google AI used TensorFlow for this project. Over the time so many sample databases are collected and trained the machine learning model, in the result as soon as you left the drawing model already know how to continue and finish the drawing.

AutoDraw :

It Again powerful drawing tool developed by Google Lab Its a free web-based tool which uses machine learning models. Its a tool where you draw something and AI guess what it will be and give you the choice of some good sketch which was already drawn by “talented artists” you just simply use while drawing.

auto draw

Whenever you select the AutoDraw web tool and start sketching, a set of the pattern showing what Google’s AI guess you are drawing – such as body parts, birds, animals, food and some objects – appears on the screen. So if you are poor in drawing you can use this tool to give the beautiful alternative shape of your sketch.

Scrying Pen:

This is another helpful tool for poor drawing person developed by Google developer, It is built in tensorflow.js where AI suggest you to complete your sketch by gassing possible way of the sketch.

This pen’s ink springs backward into the forwards and past into possible futures. By doing this it makes some strange loop: the future ink effects how you can draw, which in turn develops the new “past” ink affecting further future ink.


This is a Web-based tool to design to fill color in images, you can upload a black and white sketch or draw the sketch and decide what color you want to pain, and Magic happen AI will pain your sketch in the very beautiful way in some second, which might take so much time if your pain by yourself. With this tool, you can draw anytime, anywhere and can share in second to social media.

Look at this video for more details PaintsChainer automatic colorization mode

Deep Art:

It’s an another AI and deep learning project which turns any photo into artwork in this you need to upload any photo and select and style and AI will draw your photo into selected style. Deep Art introduces an artificial system which uses Deep Neural Network that creates a high-quality artistic photo. The system uses neural illustrations to separate and recombine the content and style of images, providing a neural network model for the creation of artistic images.

AI application in drawing


It’s a photo-editing app that generates amazing photo effects, redesign photos into paintings. Prisma uses artificial neural networks that give power to users to make photos appear as they might be painted in Picasso. Prisma technologies enable businesses and developers to modify and identify the subject of an image by powerful machine learning models.

Microsoft’s AI bot

For people who describe photo better than they can actually make now there is the bot that is able to take the pressure off the making process. Microsoft created artificial intelligence that draws from a written description of a picture. Capture the idea in the written text and feed the words to Microsoft bot. It’ll draw what you’ve described in a beautiful sketch way. It could be helpful for people who need pictures for a less budget initiative and can’t afford to purchase art for it or maybe use in sketch artist who needs to draw painting based someone one description.


Pix2Pix was introduced as part of the NPO’s desire to create its own artificial intelligence system and see how good machines would do at analyzing human formations and turning them into lifelike paintings.
Pix2Pix uses a set of features, which include an AI model to take information, a discriminator that can compare both the original image and the output image once it created, and a neural network guesses what the image should look like.
In other words, your sketch is feed to computer’s brain and it spits out an image that might look realistic. This technology helps us to auto paint the old photos and images which might a be a costly and difficult task for humans.
A pix2pix model trained on a training set of such matching pairs to learn how to the full-color image from black & white images. Once a pix2pix model has been trained on such training dataset, it could then be used to color black & white images.

Look below video where if you sketch something it auto paint and output look somehow naturally.

Look at this video for more details Pix2Pix Photo Generator!


SketchAR is a fully-trained app for teaching drawing by using neural networks, augmented reality,  and machine learning. By using this you can virtually project any image on any surface and trace lines and fill color. 

 Also, These app features allow artists to trace sketches on any surface. Look below video where how virtual drawing come into the real world.

Look at this video for more details SketchAR School

have a look at this video where one robotic arm like an artist paint whatever you instruct.

Look at this video for more details Painting Robots and the Artificial Intelligence

Wrapping up: So in simple word by using AI & ML models machine can paint as an artist and help us to improve our drawing skills.

AI top 10 application for drawing

As we all know nowadays artificial intelligence, Machine Learning and deep learning daily introducing new mind-blowing application in the different sectors

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